Friday, 6 March 2009

Activity for the weeks

SALAM n hi to all...i'm back...rasanya dah almost 1 week saya tak update blog..being a little bit bz dgn berbagai-bagai activity...and most of it was jalan2 cari makan...our favourite activity....hehehe...and here are the updates...hopefully u all tak boring baca my entry kali ni...

1) Minum2 kat Kopitiam...
My family and I sempat minum2 kat one of the kopitiam around kl last sunday...first time minum kat sana sbb nampak macam best je...alhamdulillah, apa yg diorder sedap...especially 'Teh Dangdut'...hehehe

Teh Dangdut Mushroom soup with garlic bread

And lastly the roti bakar with pandan kaya

Dessert lagiii...yummyyy

Banana fritters & Choc shake

2) Activity jualan for testing
My friends suggest me to bake cakes n muffins for sale at their office...So I take the challenge and try to bake some cakes & muffins to test market...Kak Nor & Kak Zira become my agent for this sale activity..thank you very much to both of u...i really appreciate that...and here are the pictures of my choc moist cake & muffins...

Choc chips & strawberry muffins

Choc muffins topped with choc ganache

3) The Making of Triffle Pudding..
Dah lama nak try buat puding triffle ni...hari ni baru la sempat untuk try setelah sekian lama nak cuba...recipe dari internet...

1st layer - swiss roll cake 2nd layer- covered with vanilla sauce

3rd layer -fruit cocktail

lastly, strawberry jelly


Cik Feyr said...

sedapnye banana fritters tu..
hehee.. ;p

D' BaK SeNsAtioNs said...

sedap sampai jilat sudu eh..ehehe nanti kita mkn sama2 :)